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Bringing together trail users, decision-makers and other stakeholders to enhance and protect recreational opportunities and economic development.


The largest trail association of its kind in Canada, Ontario Trails Council (OTC) promotes the development, preservation, management and use of recreational trails in Ontario.

Established in 1988 by a coalition of hikers, cyclists, snowmobilers and equestrians, OTC was incorporated as a registered charity in 1991, and relies on membership support to fulfill our mission.

OTC’s Trailhead Event Series celebrates trail success coast to coast, and our Annual Conferences showcase the best of the trail economy, trail activity, programs, services, marketing and communication.

Important Topics

Discover best practices, innovations and ideas from across the country.

Inspiring Speakers

Gain insights from a range of influential leaders and experts.

Networking & More

Exchange ideas with fellow attendees and those shaping the future of trails in Ontario.


All currently scheduled events

February 26, 2019
image of Trailhead KW to Huron

Trailhead KW to Huron

Development, Investment and Movement - Trails ROI

February 21, 2019
image of Promoting Off-Road in Multi-Use Places

Promoting Off-Road in Multi-Use Places

Balancing Recreational Use on Managed Lands

January 29 - 31, 2019
image of Trailhead Tourism Training

Trailhead Tourism Training

Attract Tourists - Be A Signature Trail

May 07 - 08, 2019
image of Trailhead North 2019

Trailhead North 2019

Outdoor Recreation in Northern Ontario

November 04, 2018
image of Ontario Mountain Bike Summit

Ontario Mountain Bike Summit

Mountain Bikes, Horses, Trails and More!

November 05, 2018
image of Trailhead Grand Watershed

Trailhead Grand Watershed

The Health of Trails Presented by Grand Watershed Trails Network

November 21, 2018
image of Trailhead Indigenous

Trailhead Indigenous

Trails Between Nations - the Credit Valley Trail and the future of Partnerships

November 01, 2018
image of The Business of Trails – November 1, 2018

The Business of Trails – November 1, 2018

Jobs, Culture, & Economic Development - The Trails Business Relationship

November 20, 2018
image of Trails Risk Management – November 20, 2018

Trails Risk Management – November 20, 2018

Training in Trails Risk Abatement

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